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The studies in environmental protection at the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection encompasses an educational profile which includes issues in the fields of earth sciences, chemistry and biology. It constitutes a set of complementary issues covering modern methods of assessing the anthropogenic impact on the environment. The studies are aimed at fostering the knowledge of graduates to the changing European norms which regulate the use of the environment and learning methods for its renewal. The typical graduate will gain knowledge in the field of environmental management including reclamation of its components, waste management, remediation of pollution, techniques of laboratory analysis, computer data processing, the basics of law and small business management.

The education obtained during the undergraduate degree in environmental protection is continued in our Masters program in environmental renewal techniques and meets the expectations of students in terms of acquiring practical skills. It is adapted to contemporary challenges and significantly increases graduates' opportunities on the labor market. Graduates in the field of environmental protection holding the title of Master of Science are typically engaged in working in offices and environmental protection at the local, regional or company level, institutions monitoring the state of the environment, analytical, environmental and industrial laboratories or numerous companies conducting environmental audits requiring knowledge of the basics of environmental law and economics.

The training begins with a year of introduction into the basics of geology, biology, chemistry, mathematics and global environmental problems. The second year is devoted to geological and biological issues such as geochemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and the development of knowledge in the field of environmental protection such as technologies in environmental protection, renewable energy sources or pollution and soil remediation, and water system chemistry. In subsequent years, students learn more advanced knowledge on how to control and protect the environment, including analytical techniques, and have the opportunity to choose subjects according to their interests.

A graduate of the undergraduate program may continue their studies at the postgraduate level in the field of Environmental Protection as well as in faculties with a similar profile, such as Mining and Geology or Environmental Engineering.

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